The 5 Greatest Cigar Lighters


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So you have taken a liking to the wonderful world of fine cigars. Initially, the aromas, relaxation, and fellowship pulled you in so you purchased a couple of sticks. Not surprisingly your collection swiftly grew and now you discover oneself inside a full-on hobby, a tasty hobby, I may add. One particular thing you might not have anticipated from all this stogie madness is all of the little points that go in addition to cigar smoking: the humidor, cutter, and lighter, just to name a couple of. And even though there are actually just too many elements with the cigar globe to consider for this short article, I thought I might give a number of pointers inside the way of your all-important cigar lighter, possibly the most crucial cigar accessory you could personal (tied together with the humidor not surprisingly).

Initially of all, you’ll find numerous approaches to light a cigar, some greater than other people, and some you basically shouldn’t try (trust me, I’ve lit my stogies in ways I care to not mention). Now I’m certain you’ve heard this currently, but I’m going to mention it anyways – throw out that Bic lighter! Cigars deserve much more respect than that, they’ve specific wants?Kerosene as well as other oil-based lighters (Zippos) should not be utilised for cigars as it taints the flavor of the cigar. Matches is usually applied to light up, but steer clear of sulfur suggestions (strike anyplace) as they as well may have a foul taste. Another downside to matches is you will find yourself working with half the box if you’re going to obtain a appropriate light. Some will light cedar sticks named “cedar spills” and use these to light the cigar, but most pick out a butane torch lighter; clean-burning, quick to carry, and affordable for the most element?this can be what you’d like.


What to seek out

When creating that essential selection of what lighter to purchase, you will notice immediately there is quite a bit of selections available! In the broadly varying rates, to size, brand, and more, you will discover normally 5 elements I watch for.


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